Company profile

Our Company
Aleen International Corporation was founded by March 9, 1995. We are a prominent manufacturer and distributor of medical equipment and nutritional supplement in China. Aleen focuses on personal protective equipment, Chinese herbal supplement, and personal hygiene products. Our unique combination of sourcing , R&D, product and market knowledge has positioned us to be the medical product and nutritional supplement manufacturing partner of choice.

Industry Regulation
As part of our commitment to quality, all our products are overseen by our scientists, manufacturing specialists and quality experts, each one dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards. Aleen has established a stringent quality assurance standards. All of our products are produced under GMP quality standard, China and U.S Food and Drug Administration(FDA) certification, food QS certification, and HACCP certification.

Our Footprint
Aleen owns and operates manufacturing, packaging, warehouse, distribution and administrative facilities in 34 cities throughout mainland China and around the world. With diverse sales networks across Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, our global footprint satisfies our customer needs and ensures the reliability of supply chain.